As of Monday, September 25, six of the seven books hidden around the TGS campus were found!   Avery O’Brien found book #6 in Mrs. Encila’s classroom.


Students who find a book are asked to use the green ribbon and hide another book on campus to keep the book fairy magic going.  Sofia Diaz Gamez found the book When You Reach Me and then used her green ribbon to hide the book Wonder.  Austin Troike found Wonder in Mrs. Miller’s classroom.  What book will Austin hide?

(not pictured:)

Braden Lockaby found a book in the fifth grade classroom.


Charlie Hazen found a book in the Middle School Office.



Paloma McMahon found a book hidden in the Middle School Lost and Found.


Cayce Cavett found a book in Mr. Kraus’s room.


Sofia Diaz Gamez (and friends in Ms. Cain’s Advisory) found a book in the Snack Shop.

Lola Steed found her book in the gym.

These students will now use the Book Fairy green ribbon and logo and will hide a book of their choosing somewhere on campus.   So, don’t stop looking!!





Hide-a-Book Day!

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