Student and Staff Favs

Looking for a good book to read over the summer?  Try one of these recommended books by TGS students and staff:

Braedan McDowell:  The Girls Who Drank the Moon

This is a creative fantasy writing that shows kindness is good to show no matter what.

Ms. Linda Mount:  1984

A must read – fascinating, beautifully written, and frighteningly accurate about today.

Mrs. Katie Patt:  Echo

This book mixes history and magical realism to create a rich narrative full of surprise!

Alex Mendoza:  Hello, Universe

The book Hello, Universe describes the universe during a story about a boy who gets bullied and has only one friend, his hamster.  As he goes through life with bad luck, he starts to question the universe a lot.

Mackenzie McCormick:   Two-Moon Journey

It’s very descriptive!

Miss Anna Cain:  TheSilmarillion

It has a very complicated family tree.  (see Miss Cain for details)