Grand Opening!

We’re excited to announce that the grand opening for two new locations in the library will be held on Monday, March 25. The first new location is the Young Adult Reading Nook, which is a relaxed space in the back of the library. This nook was recently given a total makeover by some talented 8th-grade students, and it now features an elaborate mural that covers the entire back wall. Additionally, we’re thrilled to be opening a new quiet sensory space for students (which we are tentatively calling the SenseScape). If a student ever gets overstimulated at school, they will now be able to access a quiet, private space filled with sensory toys. This will hopefully give these students some much-needed breathing room and a chance to recover. We will be officially showing off these locations during lunch (from around 11:30-12:25), and we invite all students and faculty to check out these amazing new locations for themselves.